What we do

We use income earned from the assets of Huntingdon Freemen’s Trust to provide benefit for the residents of Huntingdon. However, we can only consider applications for our services from individuals, groups and organisations who live or are based within the area covered by Huntingdon Town Council, including Oxmoor, Hartford, Sapley, Stukeley Meadows and Hinchingbrooke Park.

Since 1993 we have made donations totalling £6 million. Every year about £400,000 is given in grants to individuals and organisations, providing help when it is most needed. We receive applications for a wide variety of needs and have developed a range of services specifically for individuals, groups and organisations in Huntingdon. Some of the ways we can help include:

Relief in need – for the benefit of children, families, pensioners, the disabled and people who are on a low income or struggling due to a variety of circumstances. Applicants may be working or in receipt of benefits, but we will need to assess your income and expenses to verify your need. We will consider grants for a variety of purposes including help with essential household items, medical and mobility equipment and adaptations. We do not normally consider grants for the payment of rent, council tax, debts, fines or funerals.

Education – students can apply for half their accommodation fees while at university or college.  Help is also available for school equipment and educational activities.

Recreational and leisure – for local groups and organisations involved in sports, hobbies and the arts, we can help with the purchase of equipment, project costs, training and competitions. Help is also available for trips, organised outings and Christmas lunches.

In addition to grants we often provide specialised equipment on long term loan. To date, that includes over 100 electric scooters.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call us on 01480 414909contact us or pop in and have a chat. Find out who we are or apply here using one of our forms.

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